Ethics - Character - Service
There are three categories of ethos...
•   phronesis - practical skills & wisdom
•   arete - virtue, goodness
•   eunoia - goodwill towards the audience.
Ethos Construction Services, LLC
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Ethos Construction Services was organized in 2009 on the foundation of ethics, character and service.
Times have changed and all businesses are working to do more with less. Leasing has become even more competitive for both property managers and tenants. Property owners and investors must choose wisely how they maintain or improve their properties. Everyone wants the very best value they can achieve. 
It is also true that making an investment in your business in real property is distracting to YOUR business. Whether it is a a new or expanded facility, or maybe even downsizing, dealing with the process of construction is a stressful experience when all you may want is to get on with YOUR business. 
Unload that stress by partnering with proven professionals. Ethos Construction Services is your answer to ensure value with service.